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Snow Tires at the Automaster BMW: Conquer the Vermont Winter

The Importance of Winter Tires

When it comes to winter in Vermont, we all know that the roads can become slippery and dangerous without warning. We could have a week of clear roads, only to have them covered in a foot of snow and ice the next morning. It is important, then, to be as prepared as possible for winter driving. Making sure your car is ready for the brutally cold months is vital for your safety and your vehicle's performance.

Part of ensuring this is achieved is making sure you have winter tires on your car.

Why Do I Need Snow Tires?

Snow tires are perhaps your greatest asset against the winter elements. With unpredictable conditions down our main roads in Shelburne and Burlington - and especially on the roads less traveled - winter tires provide a level of stability to your driving experience.

The reason why is due to a number of factors. The tread rubber, for example, does not stiffen (unlike all season or summer tires) on winter tires. The tread rubber is instead designed to be flexible, which allows for more control, grip, and traction on difficult road situations. Snow tires also have deeper tread depths and unique tread patterns. These reduce the buildup of snow and are designed to move more easily through snow and slush.

Moreover, winter tires have a number of biting edges and thousands of tiny slits in the tread. This helps provide traction on ice.

While some areas that don't get a lot of snowfall may be able to get by with all-season tires, here in Vermont we know that snow is a fact of life for us. Winter tires are imperative for safe driving and smooth travel, and here at the Automaster BMW, we encourage you to prioritize your safety when it comes to winter driving.

How Can I Learn More?

If you would like to learn more information, or you would like to contact our service team to discuss getting your tires changed, or storing your seasonal tires, our friendly team of experts would be more than happy to help.

Whether you are in Shelburne, Burlington, Stowe, Williston, Hanover, NH, or Plattsburgh, NY, our team are more than happy to invite you to The Automaster BMW to find your dream vehicle.

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